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What is Royal Holloway Academy?

Royal Holloway Academy is a PROPOSED Public Charter School applying to open for students in the fall of 2022 under the authorization of the Charter Institute at Erskine (Click the Link below to learn more about the Charter Institute at Erskine). The school will open to students in grades 6-9 and add a new grade each year with our first graduating class in 2026. Students must complete the requirements set by the State of South Carolina for High School Graduation.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Thomas Holloway Early College, a dual-enrollment program which provides students the possibility to acquire a South Carolina High School Diploma and Associate of the Arts degree from an accredited higher education institution. 

RHA provides a Classical Education that meets entering sixth grade students with support to culminate the Grammar stage. The Grammar stage embraces learning the “what” or facts, while seventh and eighth grade correspond to the leaning of “why” – the Logic Stage.

In ninth through twelfth grade, students put together their acquired knowledge and skills in the creation and articulate expression of their own ideas and begin to formulate their own worldviews -- this is the Rhetoric stage.

Public School

Royal Holloway Academy is governed by a local education authority just as any public school and is held to the same requirement as any public school in South Carolina.


Public Charter Schools are tuition free public schools. Funding for charter schools are the exact same as they are for any school in South Carolina, except charter schools receive no local tax money.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college classes while they are still enrolled in high school. These classes count for both high school and college credit. 


The mission of the Charter Institute at Erskine is to empower families and local communities through the establishment and competent operation of high quality charter schools throughout South Carolina.


National School Breakfast & Lunch Program

Royal Holloway Academy will provide a nutritious Breakfast & Lunch for students and offer free & reduced meals.

Transportation Services

Limited Transportation is available for students at Local stopping points in Spartanburg County and along county lines. Transportation is determined by need. 

Tuition Free 

Any student residing in the State of South Carolina is eligible to apply for enrollment. Admission is based on demand -- if the number of applications exceed space availability, admission will be based upon a public lottery.


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Public Charter Alliance of S.C.

PCASC supports charter schools, and aims to positively reshape education across the Palmetto State.


Charter Institute at Earskine

CIE  provides support and opportunities for individual students and schools to achieve their full potential.

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Royal Holloway Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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