Royal Holloway School of the Arts is a PROPOSED Public Charter School applying to open for students in 2023. 

 Students will be provided an arts-infused standards based curriculum alongside an honors program, dual enrollment opportunities, ample field study in the arts, and necessary academic support to promote success.

Enrollment is open to any student, regardless of ability, disability, artistic experience, academic achievement or any other barrier. Charter Schools are Public Schools and required to support any student enrolled. We hope you will consider joining us!  

To develop college and career ready artists who embrace virtuous living and civic responsibility.


To provide a safe learning environment, staff committed to educational excellence, and community sewn together by the school mission.



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As the Charter Pioneer team works to further develop this new school, your financial support is needed. By donating $20.23 to our 2023 Campaign, you aid in supporting the research, travel, time, and other expenditures necessary to ensure the educational programming for Royal Holloway School of the Arts meets the needs of students now, and moving forward. 

The 2023 Campaign

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