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        Royal Holloway Academy will provide a classical education meeting entering sixth grade students with support to culminate the grammar stage. Middle grades students will take a year-long Latin course in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, securing knowledge and understanding of the structure, sounds, and utilization of the English language. The grammar stage embraces learning the “what” or facts, while seventh and eighth grade correspond to the learning of “why” – the Logic Stage.

            In the Logic stage, students test facts already learned and place data in an understandable manner, developing capacity for more abstract thought as knowledge is acquired during the grammar stage. Emphasis is placed on using facts to create proper sentences, define terms and eliminate ambiguity; and detect fallacies. Students are equipped to debate, construct and critique valid arguments; recognize logical fallacies, identify critical underlying assumptions, and further develop reasoning skills.

              In ninth through twelfth grade, students place acquired knowledge and skills in the creation and articulate expression of personal ideas and begin to formulate worldviews. This is the Rhetoric stage. High school students will take three years of French or Latin with the option of Advanced Placement (AP) French or Latin in year four. A Classical Education is incomplete without the final phase of acquiring wisdom and developing the capacity for beauty and clarity of expression. Students take positions on issues and develop consistent arguments using cogent, articulate, and persuasive communication. Discussion and analysis of fundamental issues; and philosophies will continue, and students will be required to critically examine the assumptions and conclusions intrinsic to personal philosophies and those of the world around them.


What is a Classical Education?

Classical Education has three unique characteristics: Curriculum, the Trivium, and Socratic Seminar. The most distinctive feature of Classical Education is the three stages of learning referred to as the Trivium. Subjects are best learned when broken down into the sequential phases of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. As the Socratic Seminar occurs, learning takes place as students take ownership of their thoughts and statements while understanding truth of the matter as clearly as possible.


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