Student Success Center

Guidance Counselors assist students with academic planning & support, college and career readiness, and supports the school community by providing character education. Counselors assist with course scheduling, understanding graduation requirements, and college and scholarship searches. Counseling services go beyond traditional expectations, with these services available to all enrolled students.

Guidance Counselors

  • Provide Character Development Training 

  • Provide Access to College & Career Readiness Material

  • Support Academic Progress & Graduation Planning

  • Provide Comprehensive Support for the Academic Program 

  • Prepare students for life after RHSOA

  • Engage with College, Career, & Military Organizations

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Student Schedules

Student schedules are completed by the Guidance Counselor aided by the input of the students and faculty of Royal Holloway School of the Arts. In order for a student to be registered for a course, they must have the signature of the course tutor to be enrolled. 

Changes in scheduling are initiated in writing by the parent/guardian of the student and submitted to the school for review. Submission of a schedule change request does not guarantee that the student schedule will be changed. 


Missed school days will impact a child’s ability to move on to the next grade. Students who miss too many days of school may not receive credit for certain classes and risk not graduating.

Attendance & Tardy Policy:

Students will be allowed three unexcused absences per school year, after the three unexcused absences students must attend Saturday school for each day missed. After five unexcused absences, a Counselor will be assigned to help students and family get on track. 

Students are allowed three tardies to homeroom/first period only. After the three tardies, students will be assigned a sanction. Students who are tardy to periods two through sixth will automatically receive a sanction on the first occurance. Students have five (5) minutes to transition between classes. 

Struggling Students

Does your student struggle academically? While counselors will not be able to help with the course content (subject area teachers can), they can help by offering resources and suggest interventions to help develop effective study skills.


Counselors look forward to partnering with students in their academic journey. Students can meet with a counselor for support at anytime they need.

Graduation Planning

Guidance Counselors regularly review academic data, such as grades and test scores, to identify struggling students and to understand which students are on track to graduate. Students are assigned a counselor to develop a Student Success Plan, which will list required courses to meet graduation requirements, and ensure students follow an appropriate career pathway. 

College & Career Planning

Not sure which career or college is right? Perhaps your student is more interested in different branches of the military?


Your assigned counselor can help you prepare for and direct you to resources as you explore options for the future. RHSOA provides students access to representatives from Institutes of Higher Education and Military personnel for personal interactions during social hour, colloquium, and enrichment. 

Counselor aid students in applying for scholarships, financial aid, and to secure school financing. Counselors not only direct students to resources for paying for college, but they may also provide letters of recommendation upon request.

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RHSOA understands fundamental expectations of student achievement data and performance will be captured in the school report card and the objectives created will be used to increase achievement and the success of the school.


Assessment will measure student achievement across the curriculum in alignment with state assessments, college and career ready standards, and the school’s goals and objectives. The assessment plan will monitor student progress using qualitative and quantitative assessments and strive to preserve as much learning time as possible. 

Administered Standardized Assessments (Including but not limited to):

  • SC PASS Assessments

  • MAP Growth Assessments

  • SRA Reading Assessments


  • ACT

  • AP Examinations

  • ACCESS Testing

College Readiness Assessments

College entrance exams are extremely important in the college application process. Counselors assist in the process by helping students meet deadlines for registering and provide motivation.

Counselors understand the impact of testing and test scores on college admissions, industry credentialing and other areas pertaining to students’ postsecondary plans and goals. Counselors assist in preparing for standardized tests by promoting opportunities designed to increase knowledge and improve test-taking skills. 

Counselors provide students and families with research and information on a variety of test preparation options to enable them to make informed decisions about commercial test preparation programs, free programs, tutoring and other options

Principles of Virtuous Learning Program

Character Education

The Principles of Virtuous Living Program is used to understand student temperament and improve school safety while promoting positive behavior. The program highlights intellectual, moral, and civic virtue to create a unique school culture where students recognize appropriate behaviors, responses, and interactions, while providing necessary tools for students to solve problems with minimal adult intervention.


The Student Success Center at Royal Holl