High School Course & Sequence

​          In ninth through twelfth grade, students put together their acquired knowledge and skills in the creation and articulate expression of their own ideas and begin to formulate their own worldviews. This is the Rhetoric stage. Classical education is incomplete without the final phase of acquiring wisdom and developing the capacity for beauty and clarity of expression. Students take positions on issues and argue using cogent, articulate, and persuasive communication. Discussion and analysis of controversial and fundamental issues; and philosophies will continue, and students will be required to critically examine the assumptions and conclusions intrinsic to their own philosophies and those of the world around them.

Uniform Grading Policy & Graduation Requirements

          The uniform grading scale and the system for calculating GPAs and class rank will apply to all courses carrying high school units of credit (also known as Carnegie units); including units earned at the middle school levels. Schools S.C. Regulation 43-232.I.B permits high school credit for middle school students as follows: When approved by the principal and the parents, a student promoted to the seventh or eighth grade may take units of ninth grade or higher work for high school credit.

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Grading Scale

          For Carnegie Unit courses, please refer to the state Uniform Grading Policy (UGP) for quality points and state regulations guiding credit-bearing courses.

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Graduation Requirements

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